Now Is Tomeka Reid

Now Is Tomeka Reid

On February 12, 2016, Ben Remsen and Tomeka Reid spent a couple hours in the former's livingroom in Rogers Park, Chicago, listening to music related in some way to Tomeka's work.

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Intro: “Etoile”
Tomeka Reid Quartet
from Tomeka Reid Quartet (2015), available from Thirsty Ear Records

Tomeka Reid, cello
Mary Halvorson, guitar
Jason Roebke, bass
Tomas Fujiwara, drums

Outro: “Ponce”
Hear In Now
from Hear In Now (2012), available from Rudi Records

Mazz Swift, violin
Tomeka Reid, cello
Silvia Bolognesi, bass

“In a Breeze”
Abdul Wadud
from By Myself (1977), totally not available in any format other than illegal download or extraordinarily expensive eBay purchase.

Abdul Wadud, cello

“Portrait of a Young Mother”
Mal Waldron
from Mal-3 Sounds (1958), available via the normal digital venues

Elaine Waldron, vocals
Eric Dixon, flute
Art Farmer, trumpet
Calo Scott, cello
Mal Waldron, piano
Julian Euell, bass
Elvin Jones, drums

Stuff Smith
from The 1943 Trio (1943), available via the normal digital venues

Stuff Smith, violin
Jimmy Jones, piano
John Levy, bass

“April In Paris”
Billy Bang
from A Tribute to Stuff Smith (1992), available via the normal digital venues

Billy Bang, violin
Sun Ra, piano
John Ore, bass
Andrew Cyrille, drums

“Black Hand Bejewelled”
Henry Threadgill
from Easily Slip Into Another World (1988), available from Mosaic Records as part of one of those massive boxsets

Fred Hopkins, bass
Diedre Murray, cello
Pheeroan Aklaff, drums
Reggie Nicholson, drums
Henry Threadgill, saxophone
Frank Lacy, trombone, trench horn, flugelhorn
Rasul Siddik, trumpet

“The Art of Tea”
8 Bold Souls
from Last Option (2000), available from Thrill Jockey Records

Edward Wilkerson Jr, clarinet, sax
Mwata Bowden, clarinet, baritone sax
Robert Griffin, trumpet
Isiah S. Jackson, trombone
Gerald D. Powell, tuba
Naomi Millender, cello
Harrison Bankhead, bass
Dushun Mosley, drums

John Zorn / Masada String Trio
from Haborym: Book Of Angels Volume 16 (2010), available from Tzadik Records

Mark Feldman, Violin
Erik Friedlander, Cello
Greg Cohen, Bass

Carlos Zíngaro, Roger Turner & Tom Cora - Live @ Parque Serralves
1994, unreleased but streamable at

Carlos Zingaro, violin
Tom Cora, cello
Roger Turner, drums

“Icy Demons”
Icy Demons
from Fight Back! (2004), once available from Cloud Recordings, but now only via the normal online venues

[The album credits the Beefheart-style joke names, but I know the truth]
Blue Hawaii (Griffin Rodriguez), bass, vocals, simple keyboards, guitar, electronics
Pow Pow (Chris Powell), drums, percusssion, piano, marimba, electronics
Young Master Schneider (Matt Schneider), guitar, keyboards, kalimba, bass pedals
Thousand Rabbits Running (Dave McDonnell), keyboards, reed instruments, vocals
Moylando Calrissian (Dave Moyland), guitar

Mary Halvorson
from Meltframe (2015), available from Firehouse 12 Records

Mary Halvorson, guitar
Duke Ellington, composition