Now Is Renée Baker

Now Is Renée Baker

On December 11th, 2015, Ben Remsen and Renée Baker spent a few hours in the latter's dining room in Bolingbrook, Illinois, a bit south and west of Chicago, listening to music related in some way to Renée's work.

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Intro: “My Mysterious Cloud”
Renée Baker's Chicago Modern Orchestra Project
from Empty Vessel (2011)
available from the Chicago Modern Orchestra Project

Outro: “Where No One Goes”
Chicago Modern Orchestra Project
from Home Molasses (2013)
available from Pan Y Rosas Discos

Renée Baker, violin, vocals, composition
Karl E H Seigfried, bass
Harrison Bankhead, bass
Ben Lamar, trumpet, toys, vocals
Bruce Nelson, vibes, congas
Dushun Moseley, traps

“Africa — First Movement: Land of Peace”
William Grant Still
from Still: Africa (2010)
available from the American Symphony Orchestra via Amazon

Leon Botstein, conductor
piece premiered in 1930

“The Great Learning: Paragraph 2”
Cornelius Cardew
The Scratch Orchestra
from Two Poems (2002)
available from Deutsche Grammafon

Cornelius Cardew, conductor
recorded 1971, composed in 1969

“Somehow We Can”
Alvin Singleton
from Somehow We Can (1995)
available from Tzadik Records

The Marian Anderson String Quartet
Marianne Henry, violin
Marisa McLeod, violin
Diedra Lawrence, viola
Michael Cameron, cello

“Center of the Earth”
Nicole Mitchell
from Awakening (2011)
available from Delmark Records

Nicole Mitchell, flute
Jeff Parker, guitar
Harrison Bankhead, bass
Avreeayl Ra, drums

“It's For You”
Rashied Ali & Leroy Jenkins
from Swift Are the Winds of Life (1975)
released by Survival Records, but now thoroughly out of print

Rashied Ali, drums
Leroy Jenkins, violin

“Outline No. 12”
Billy Bang
From Outline No. 12 (1983)
available from Celluloid Records

Billy Bang, violin, composition
Lawrence "Butch" Morris, conductor
David Murray, bass clarinet
Henri Warner, clarinet [Alto]
Charles Tyler, clarinet [B Flat]
Wilber Morris, double bass
John "Khuwana" Fuller*, percussion
Sunny Murray, percussion
Frank Lowe, soprano saxophone
Khan Jamal, vibraphone
Jason Hwang, violin
Joseph Hailes, violin

“Logan's Reel”
India Cooke
from RedHanded (1996)
available from Music & Arts Programs of America, Inc

India Cooke, violin
Lisle Ellis, acoustic bass
George Lewis, trombone
Larry Ochs, tenor and sopranino saxophones
Donald Robinson, drums
Lee, percussion

Mazz Swift, Tomeka Reid, Silvia Bolognesi
from Hear In Now (2012)
available from Rudi Records

Mazz Swift, violin
Tomeka Reid, cello
Silvia Bolognesi, bass