Now Is Nick Mazzarella

Now Is Nick Mazzarella

On July 23, 2017, Ben Remsen and Nick Mazzarella spent a couple hours in the former's living room in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, listening to music in some way related to Nick's work.

To find out more about Nick, what he's done and what he's doing, check out

photo credit: Kate Joyce

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Intro: “Rhododendron”
Meridian Trio
from Triangulum (2017)
available from Clean Feed Records

Nick Mazzarella, alto saxophone
Matt Ulery, bass
Jeremy Cunningham, drums

Outro: “Blues for Julius and Abdul”
from Signaling (2017)
available from Nessa Records

Nick Mazzarella, alto saxophone
Tomeka Reid, cello

“Syeeda's Song Flute”
John Coltrane
from Giant Steps (1960)

John Coltrane, tenor saxophone
Tommy Flanagan, piano
Paul Chambers, bass
Art Taylor, drums

Ornette Coleman
from The Shape of Jazz to Come (1959)

Ornette Coleman, alto saxophone
Don Cherry, cornet
Charlie Haden, bass
Billy Higgins, drums

Cecil Taylor
from Nefertiti, The Beautiful One Has Come (1962)

Jimmy Lyons, alto saxophone
Cecil Taylor, piano
Sunny Murray, drums

“Nonaah (solo concert Willisau)”
Roscoe Mitchell
from Nonaah (1977)

Roscoe Mitchell, alto saxophone

“Opus 6C (The Montreux/Berlin Concerts)”
Anthony Braxton
from The Montreux/Berlin Concerts (1977)

Anthony Braxton, reeds
George Lewis, trombone
Dave Holland, bass
Barry Altschul, drums
and of course there's all kinds of little instruments going on

“Echo 1 (Morning)”
Abdul Wadud & Julius Hemphill
from Live in New York (1978)

Julius Hemphill, alto saxophone
Abdul Wabdud, cello

“Recorda Me”
Joe Henderson
from Page One (1963)

Kenny Dorham, trumpet
Joe Henderson, tenor saxophone
McCoy Tyner, piano
Butch Warren, bass
Pete La Roca, drums

Jackie McLean
from Destination. . . Out! (1963)

Jackie McLean, alto saxophone
Grachan Moncur III, trombone
Bobby Hutcherson, vibes
Larry Ridley, bass
Roy Haynes, drums

“Part B”
Charles Gayle / William Parker / Rashied Ali
from Touchin' On Trane (1991)

Charles Gayle, tenor saxophone
William Parker, bass
Rashied Ali, drums

“It's Magic”
Eric Dolphy
from Far Cry (1962)

Eric Dolphy, bass clarinet
Booker Little, trumpet
Jaki Byard, piano
Ron Carter, bass
Roy Haynes, drums

“I Wish I Had a Choice”
Darius Jones
from Big Gurl (Smell my Dreams) (2011)
available from AUM Fidelity

Darius Jones, alto saxophone
Adam Lane, bass
Jason Nazary, drums