Now Is Katherine Young

Now Is Katherine Young

In October 2016, Ryan Packard and Katherine Young spent a few hours at the latter's home in Lincoln Square, listening to music in some way related to Katie's work.

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(download : 129 megabytes)


Intro: “Diligence Is to Magic as Progress Is to Flight,” Movement IV
Katherine Young
from Diligence Is to Magic as Progress Is to Flight
available from Parlour Tapes

Austin Wulliman, Ensemble Dal Niente
Ensemble Dal Niente
Michael Lewanski, conductor
Andrew Nogal, oboe
Katherine Young, bassoon
Ryan Muncy, saxophones
Greg Beyer, percussion
Robert Dillon, percussion
Kyle Upton, trumpet
Aaron Hynds, tuba
MingHuan Xu, violin
Doyle Armbrust, viola
Chris Wild, cello
Mark Buchner, double bass

Interjection, two tracks in: “Composition 367b”
Anthony Braxton
from Quartet (Moscow) 2008 (2008)
available from Leo Records

Anthony Braxton, saxophones
Katherine Young, bassoon
Taylor Ho Bynum, cornet
Mary Halvorson, guitar

Outro: “Feldspar”
Pretty Monsters
from Pretty Monsters (2012)
available from Public Eyesore Records

Katherine Young, bassoon, electronics
Erica Dicker, violin
Owen Stewart-Robertson, guitar
Mike Pride, drums

“Sequenza VII for Bassoon”
Luciano Berio
from Sequenzas (1998, this rec. 1995)
available from Deutsche Grammophon

Pascal Gallois, bassoon

“Composition no. 19 for 100 Tubas”
Anthony Braxton
from Composition no. 19 for 100 Tubas (2006)
available from the Tricentric Foundation

follow that link if you want to see who’s playing because there are way too many people to list here

“Soon to be Innocent Fun”
Arthur Russell
from World of Echo (1986)
readily available through the ether
Arthur Russell, voice, cello

“Kits Beach Soundwalk”
Hildegard Westerkamp
from Transformations (2010, this piece rec. 1989)
available from empreintes DIGITALes

Hildegard Westerkamp, voice, composition, assemblage

“Guero (for piano)”
Helmut Lachenmann
composed 1969
audio from youtube, to tell the truth, and neither Ryan or I can figure out which version it is. . . maybe this one?

“Paper Hats”
This Heat
from Deceit (1981)
available from the This Heat Bandcamp page

Charles Hayward, vocals, bass guitar, keyboards, drums, tape music
Gareth Williams, vocals, bass guitar, keyboards, tape music
Charles Bullen, vocals, clarinet, guitar, drums, tape music