Now Is Hamid Drake

Now Is Hamid Drake

On April 16, 2017, Ben Remsen, Hamid Drake, and Christina Brakebill spent a couple hours in the latter's living room in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago, listening to music in some way related to Hamid's work.

To find out more about Hamid, what he's done and what he's doing, google him because he doesn't have a website.

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(download : 192 megabytes)


Intro: “Peace and Blessings (To Fred)”
The Chicago Trio
from from Velvet Songs to Baba Fred Anderson (2012)
available from RogueArt Records

Earnest Dawkins, only credited as playing saxes but I think he's on aux percussion here
Harrison Bankhead, bass
Hamid Drake, drums

Outro: “Take Us Home”
Hamid Drake & Bindu
from Reggaeology (2009)
available from RogueArt Records

Napoleon Maddox, vocals
Jeff Albert, trombone
Jeb Bishop, trombone
Jeff Parker, guitar
Joshua Abrams, bass
Hamid Drake, drums, vocals

Dewey Redman
from Tarik (1969)
released by BYG Actuel

Dewey Redman, tenor saxophone
Malachi Favors, bass
Ed Blackwell, drums

Milford Graves
from Milford Graves Percussion Ensemble (1965)
available from ESP-Disk

Milford Graves, drums, bells, gong, shaker
Sunny Morgan, drum, bells

John Coltrane
from Live at the Village Vanguage (1961)
released by Impulse Records

John Coltrane, soprano sax
Eric Dolphy, bass clarinet
McCoy Tyner, piano
Jimmy Garrison, bass
Elvin Jones, drums

Kokanko Sata
from Kokanko Sata (2005)
once but seemingly no longer available from Honest John's Records

Kokano Sata, kamalngoni
others, other things

“Cathedral of Light”
William Parker
from Long Hidden: The Olmec Series (2006 / recorded 90s)
available from AUM Fidelity

William Parker, bass

Fred Anderson / Steve McCall
from Vintage Duets (1980)
available from Okka Disk

Fred Anderson, tenor
Steve McCall, drums

Old & New Dreams
from Old & New Dreams (1979)
available from ECM Records

Don Cherry, trumpet
Dewey Redman, tenor saxophone
Charlie Haden, bass
Ed Blackwell, drums

Jauharah Orchestra
from Colonial Dance Bands: Kenya, Tanganyika, Portuguese East Africa, Northern Rhodesia, Belgian Congo 1950 & 1952 (2006)
available from SWP Records

dunno who the players are

“Umbanda Song for Ogun”
Umbanda musicians at Santo Antonio de Angola
from Music of Para, Brazil: Carimbó, Pajelança, Batuque and Umbanda on Carimbó, Pajelança, Batuque and Umbanda (1982)
available from Smithsonian Folkways

dunno who the players are

Saka Acquaye and his African Ensemble
from Ghana: High-Life and Other Popular Music (1969)
available from Nonesuch Records

Saka Acquaye, drums, flute, tenor saxophone
Garvine Masseaux, vibes, drums
George Brooks, double bass
Edward Cooper, trumpet, mellophone
Wilfred Letman, trumpet
Charles Earland, tenor saxophone
Walter Miller, guitar
Robert Crowder, Joseph Acquaye, Benny Parkes, Sunny Morgan, drums

Roberto Juan Rodriguez
from El Danzon De Moises (2002)
available from Tzadik Records

Peter Apfelbaum, soprano saxophone
Matt Darriau, trumpet, clarinet
Mark Feldman, violin
Susie Ibarra, percussion
Brad Jones, bajo
David Krakauer, clarinet
Ted Reichman, accordion
Roberto Juan Rodriguez, percussion
Roberto Luis Rodriguez, trumpet
Marcus Rojas: Bombardino, tuba
Jane Scarpantoni, cello
Craig Taborn, piano

“So Long”
Count Ossie & the Mystic Revelations of Rastafari
from Grounation (1973)
currently available from Dub Store Records

Count Ossie, drums and vocals
Cedric Im Brooks, drums and vocals
I can't find names for any of the other people, sorry

“The Creator Has a Master Plan”
Don Cherry
from Organic Music Society (1972)
currently available from Caprice Records

Don Cherry, trumpet, piano, voice
Maffy Falay, trumpet
Tommy Goldman, flute
Rommy Koverhult, flute
Tage Siven, bass
Okay Temiz, drums
Visitors + Friends (that's how it's credited on the record!)